Get an idea about the kinds of plants you can grow in an Aquaponics system. These plants have been grown in various Aquaponics systems and not just from a single one.

The video clip you will see here will pretty much sum up the concept of growing plants in an Aquaponics system.

In the previous methods we mentioned with regards to cycling a system I suggest that you plant out your beds as fast as possible. For me, I like to do a mixture of seedlings and seeds.


You can scatter seeds over your growbed media and then plant tiny seedlings all across it. As you start burying the seedlings so you can plant them in the bed, the different seeds will be covered in the media and without waiting too long, those seeds will germinate and will start to crowd your grow bed.

When you plant seedlings we highly suggest that you wash the potting mix or the soil off the roots of the seedlings before you start planting them. There are several people I know who do not practice this. You see, if you don’t remove the soil or the potting, it will mix off the roots you are only adding unnecessary contaminants into your system through organic matter, slow release of fertilizers and sand.

All you have to do really is to take a bucket and then pour some water in it around a couple of inches. You can also try adding some seaweed extract or some worm juice. All these can help the new seedlings establish well. Now all there is left to it is to remove the seedling from the punnet wash it with some water. The soil should wash off from the roots easily. You don’t have to be extra careful to get all the soil off the roots, just as long as you remove most of the soil and that’s it.

When you start planting in your growbeds our suggestion is that you plant it very densely, all of it. You can even plant them closer to each other than you normally would if it were soil since these plants will have as much water as they desire. Take advantage of spaces where plant growth can be extended and expanded. If your current Aquaponic system is found near a fence, a wall or a shed, then create something for the plants to grow up. We also suggest you plant climbers like cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and peas so they can grow up things. There are also other plants you may want to toss in, take, for instance, you can grow a pumpkin in a single corner of your grow bed and allow it to spill over that side and let it ramble over other things. Don’t worry if it’s a vacant and unproductive land with no soil or with poor quality soil because the pumpkin plant will still get all the nutrient it needs as well as its water needs from the Aquaponic system. It also gets its sunshine from wherever its tendrils grow.


What Kind of Plants Can I Grow

With my experience, I have seen a lot of people grow anything and everything from potatoes to trees, you name they’ve grown it. In fact, you can pretty much grow whatever plant you want but just because this is true it doesn’t mean you can just grow whatever plant you set our sights on without understanding a few important things. Although yes it is indeed possible to grow any plant you fancy, there are however a couple of things you need to know when deciding what you want to plant.

There are a few people who are fond of growing dwarf fruit trees in half barrels, as they desire to include these as part of their system.

Plants to Grow

So basically, people grow things that they want to eat. I don’t see the point why you’ll go through the trouble of growing lots and lots of broccoli if you don’t see yourself eating them anytime soon. Another thing you need to consider is that you have to be sure that you have things growing within your system. So let’s say you have only one simple system that is made from the one IBC just like the one in our sample system found on this site, a single grow bed right above an IBC fish tank. You would not pull out all the plants in one go because if you do there won’t be anything left to extract the nutrients from the system. This is the reason why we always suggest that you have a broad spectrum of plants in your system at one time like half grown plants, seedlings and mature plants all at once because in this way you are better able to cycle through your plants. You can remove the mature ones and plant new ones as their replacements while you leave the other plants to use up the nutrients.

So that you’ll have an idea about the kinds of plants you can grow in an Aquaponics system try to look at the some of the following images from members of our forum. These plants have been grown in various Aquaponics systems and not just from a single one. (Click here to learn about Seasonal Planting Guide)

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