Tables and Charts

pH Vs Nutrient

In both your soils and your Aquaponic system, the pH impacts the accessibility of nutrients to your plants. From the chart below you can see that a pH level between six and seven is ideal for the availability of most minerals and nutrients. The size of the grey bars signifies the availability of the mineral or the nutrient.

Nutrient Availability in Plants

Nutrient Availability in Plants3


Ammonia Toxicity

We all know that ammonia is harmful to your fish if it reaches certain levels most especially if it’s in an Aquaponics system. In an Aquaponics system, you have to be extra careful that the high levels of ammonia do not affect your fish. The toxicity level will depend on several factors like temperature and pH and the type of fish species you are keeping. If your pH levels increase as well as your temperature consequently the ammonia levels rise and this can be very harmful to your fish. (Click here to learn about Type of Systems)

Total Ammonia Nitrogen (TAN) – ppm

Ammonia Toxicity2

The Nitrogen Cycle

Nitro Cycle4